2001 Toyota Camry bumper cover support

Although I am not a gear head I took on the job of replacing my 2001 Toyota Camry’s front bumper myself. This involved navigating a maze of little plastic parts, the most confounding of which was the “bumper cover support”. This part sort of plugs in to the either side of the car, providing a resting place for the top of the bumper.

I knew what this part looked like in real life, but I didn’t know what it was called. I kept researching online, always ending up with this ridiculous cartoon drawing:

camry bumper cover support cartoon

The problem is that the part looks nothing like the drawing. Here is what the actual part looks like:

camry bumper cover support top

camry bumper cover support outer rotate

camry bumper cover support inner

I eventually took a chance and ordered the part because I thought it had to be the one. For anyone else messing around with old Camries, hopefully this helps to decode the images you see for this part. Enjoy your kanmuri!

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