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How much to tip food delivery drivers

This is your Grubhub driver, <name redacted>. Got your order.   Heading that way now. Most dont know we get $2/delivery plus tip.  So if you think i was fast or your food is still hot or fresh. Maybe there was … Continue reading

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Late Nights at the Zoo review

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium gives an exciting summary of their recurring Late Nights at the Zoo event: “It’s a different crowd when the sun goes down. Come experience our version of nightlife at the most interesting cocktail hour … Continue reading

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Pickleball win percentage serving first

I had a discussion recently where it was proposed that starting on defense (in doubles) is preferable to serving first because the defenders have an advantage. While the defense does have an advantage because they are able to wall off … Continue reading

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2001 Toyota Camry bumper cover support

Although I am not a gear head I took on the job of replacing my 2001 Toyota Camry’s front bumper myself. This involved navigating a maze of little plastic parts, the most confounding of which was the “bumper cover support”. … Continue reading

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2014: Another round of busts

Not much has changed since 2013. Looks like I’ll finish the 2014 season 5-9 after starting with another weak draft: Round 1, #7: WR Calvin Johnson. Thought this was a no-brainer, but injuries left me without his services during the … Continue reading

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Apple backstabs customers with MacBook Pro 2011 GPU flaw

UPDATE: Apple has finally responded to this problem with a repair program. I was able to work with Apple to refund the $350 I paid to have my MBP fixed. Apple really does not want to admit that its entire … Continue reading

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Hearthstone Arachnid Debrief (crawling with spoilers!)

This review was originally intended for the website. After making some suggested refinements and being assured that the article would be published, I watched the days tick by until the release of the second Naxxramas wing made this review … Continue reading

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How to fill your roster with draft busts

As the 2013 fantasy football season draws to a close, I am struggling to reconcile the amount of pre-draft research I did with how terrible my draft turned out to be. I began the season feeling like I had a … Continue reading

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Cedar Point Halloweekends vs Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

These days my corporeal form exists closer to Sandusky, Ohio than to Orlando, Florida – meaning that Cedar Point’s Halloweekends is a more drivable distance than Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. Being a loyal HHN fan I was skeptical of … Continue reading

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MacAuthority customer service fail

One month ago I purchased a new 15″ MacBook Pro from MacAuthority. I then promptly dropped about $300 at to bump my RAM to 8GB, and (more importantly) upgrade to an SSD. And yesterday I find out that the … Continue reading

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