Precipice of Darkness and 64-bit Ubuntu 8.04

I was very excited to see that Penny Arcade‘s new game, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness (Episode One), was available for Linux. My excitement blossomed further when I found that the game came with an innovative mini-game. The mini-game is called: Get This Working Under a 64-bit OS. I never get tired of this game, and have enjoyed playing it with Adobe’s Flash and the Opera web browser.

Apparently I had most of the necessary packages already installed (I think you need ia32-libs and lib32asound2). The game was actually starting up, but immediately flashed a message about not being able to find a sound driver. Googling around, the solution appeared to be use package alsa-oss. Apparently the game uses the Open Sound System (OSS) instead of ALSA; thus you need to use the aoss command which performs an OSS -> ALSA translation.

The problem then becomes that alsa-oss gives you 64-bit libraries on your 64-bit system. The solution is to use a 32-bit alsa-oss which you can find in this thread. I was a little hesitant to download and install a package from a URL containing the text “deletebox”, but it appears to be provided by an upstanding user. Here is a direct link. Once I had installed that, I can run the game just fine with:

aoss ./RainSlickEp1

One of my cores is completely pegged even with the game on pause, but so far Precipice of Darkness has performed great. Hopefully the next episode will have a 64-bit version…

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  2. Anon says:

    Hi, I found this through google and spent some time trying to hack things together without installing the untrusted deb. Fortunately for all of us it seems the Hothead devs have updated the code to enable the raw use of ALSA and so no wrappers are needed once you make a small configuration change:


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