How to recommend movies to friends on Netflix

Do you remember when Netflix used to have a Netflix Community feature where you could add friends and recommend movies to one another? I was just now about to make a recommendation when I realized I could no longer find that feature, nor a listing of my Netflix friends.

If you peruse this forum, then you’ll find that Netflix has removed all of their “community” features. A poster in that forum recommended calling Netflix customer service (1-866-716-0414) to request the return of this feature.

I really liked that feature so I gave them a call. The rep was very friendly and told me they removed the community stuff because less than 2% of their customers were using it. Unfortunately I can’t really argue against those numbers. Still, the rep was kind enough to pass on the “re-feature” request to their dev team. Who knows, maybe if they get enough calls then they will bring it back. Personally, I think if they worked a bit harder to promote the community (read: social networking) aspect of their site, then those features would see heavier usage.

The only problem is, what would Netflix gain? The best answer I could come up with is that as a business you would remain “hip to the times” and stay ahead of your competition. If a customer has a social network built up within Netflix, then they are much less likely to change services.

So anyway, I’ve been watching Dexter and it’s freaking awesome.

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  1. Rachel says:

    YES! It’s hard to believe that for something so basic as a social network/app for movie recs, that ISN’T an “app for that”. Netflix actually has an online dating app that allows singles to share movie ratings with other singles. It’s a cool concept, which makes it even more hard to believe that there isn’t something for friends. Some of the best music I recently discovered was found by peeking at my friends’ public playlists on spotify.

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